The True Threat vanquished

The heroes entered the lair of Szartharrax. Szartharrax attempted to surprise the heroes by taking a surprise offensive, but it was Regdar, with his keen Ranger perception and quick reflexes, that landed the first blow. Szartharrax unleashed a mighty offensive at the onset, leaving the party confused and stunned initially. But they persevered in large measure from Ivan’s divine interventions. By mid-battle, the most dangerous of Szartharrax’s threats were spent. He put every effort into vanquishing Borrus, whose bravery kept Szartharrax from unleashing his deadly attacks against those in the party of lesser constitution. Borrus stood his ground until he fell unconscious and the emboldened Szartharrax next fell Ivan. With no front line defense and no divine comfort, all may have been lost, but Lazule, Bhintel, and Regdar stood their ground, delivering blow after blow. Bhintel demonstrated his skill with the throwing dagger, having several times detected weak spots in the scales of the beast and successfully striking those points from a distance of twenty or more feet. Regdar proved himself to be without equal with the longbow. And Lazule summoned a fiery warrior that may have struggled on its offensives, but whose presence was critical for the defense of the second line. In the end, it was Bhintel who delivered the fatal blow with a dagger that landed near to Szartharrax’s heart.


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