The adventure begins

Our story begins with fated adventurers making their way to Fallcrest by passage on a trade caravan. Borrus is a quiet Minotaur warden on the search for clues to his family origins prior to their enslavement by Orcs. Regdar is a hunter from Nenlast, travelling to Fallcrest to trade in furs and Rangercraft. Ivan is an honorable cleric and devout of Melora, pilgrimaging to the Moonsong Temple of Fallcrest. And lastly there is Bhintel, a quiet and deadly Drow who has recently recently risen from the Underdark for reasons unknown.

Their caravan attacked by Orcs seeking only death and destruction, the four quickly made an allegience and overcame the threat. Fallcrest welcomed the visitors with open arms. It was here that the group met up with an eccentric pyromancer named Lazule. The group chose Ivan as their leader and named themselves HIPPOPOTAMUS (Honorable Ivan’s Pugnacious Party of Patrons Operating Tencaciously Against Monsters Urging Subjugation <gasp>). The newly formed group made their way to the House of Pelor and spoke with Father Grundelmar, a dwarf priest. He offered a bounty on kobold ears and asked the group to explore an abandoned manor house known to the locals as Kobold Hall.

Under the ruins of the manor, the group hacked their way through the small kobold army and narrowly escaped some gnarly traps before discovering a threat until then unknown: a young white dragon named Szartharrax.


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